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Writing, producing and arranging music for theatre is a unique process. Each project brings with it a distinct set of parameters and objectives that limit and inform the various musical choices, making the creative process all the more exciting.
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Above is a sneak peak of a new musical I am currently writing. Still in it's early stages of development, 'HOMECOMING' is a contemporary musical set in and around a character-filled pub on the outskirts of Belfast. Through the lives and relationships of a collection of witty and switched-on characters, the musical explores rich themes such as community, home, love and belonging. I am very excited to be working with Irish playwright Alice Malseed, who is helping to write the book for the piece, as well as long time collaborator Matthew Reeve, acting as music supervisor. The music is heavily influenced by Irish traditional and folk idioms, with a small acoustic palette, but has much more in common with contemporary musical theatre song structure and story telling approaches.

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